About IT Solutions

Why we are here and Who We Are.

Why We are Here

In 2016, Ben Mims had sold his company and moved back to his hometown of Rusk, Texas.  After pondering what his next venture would be, it dawned on him that there was a need in Rusk and Cherokee County for a provider of IT Solutions.  IT Solutions was then born as Ben Mims, with a slogan of "IT Solutions", just as an advertising statement as to what he was doing. 

Somehow from that slogan, the name of the business became "IT Solutions".  Soon after launching a small website, and setting up a Google listing, the phone started ringing.   Then next it was time to try to find a location for people to bring computers to,  That's when we found the location we are located now in Rusk.  It started out as 100 sq. ft. cubical.  Soon later a sign went up, and the response from the community has been tremendous.

In 2018, Adam Bemis joined the team to help Ben with the computer repair and Apple Computer repair.  Adam has been a great asset to the company. 

Since then, we have added a mobile shop to better serve our customers who are unable to bring their computers and networks into the office, as well as added a small inventory of necessary parts and accessories.

We would like to thank the community of Rusk and Cherokee County and beyond for making us so blessed to be able to serve you.  It is truly a blessing to deal with each of you in such a pleasant setting, and get to know you.  You are not only our customers, you are our friends.

Thank you.

Ben Mims

Ben Mims has been in the Information Technology business since 1994.
He got his start with computers right before Internet Service Providers started popping up selling dial-up internet. When internet took off, he worked extensively on internet infrastructure. In 1995 Mims was involved in the very first project of putting live Doppler weather radar updates on the internet, a commodity that almost everyone in the world has used today.

In 2000 Mims started Seven Point Interactive Design in Tyler, TX, and is believed to be the first dynamic website programmer in Tyler, TX. There he developed hundreds of websites. In 2010, Mims sold Seven Point.

In 2015, Mims moved back to his native Cherokee County, and started offering computer repair to the community of Rusk. In May 2016, he opened his office to the public in downtown Rusk.

Ben Mims is a native of Rusk, Texas, and was born at Rusk Memorial Hospital. His pride and joy is his daughter. In his free time, when there is any, Ben likes watching documentaries, traveling, and spending time with his daughter.
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Violet is a 2 year old black cat. She spends her days at IT Solutions watching after the place and providing moral support and entertainment.

She is often seen greeting customers when they stop in.