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Our small business web design services are quick, affordable and an effective marketing tool for our customers.  Please call usl at (903) 683-0066.

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Ben Mims IT Solutions is your trusted partner for web design services in Cherokee County, Texas, and beyond. With over 28 years of experience in the web design, programming, and marketing business, our founder, Ben Mims, brings a wealth of expertise to every project. We are committed to crafting exceptional web experiences that drive success for businesses of all sizes.

Beautiful Modern Design:
At Ben Mims IT Solutions, we believe that the first impression matters. Our dedicated team of designers works in harmony with Ben's extensive experience to create beautiful, modern web designs that not only captivate but also reflect your brand's identity. With Ben's decades-long involvement in web design, we understand the nuances of design that make a lasting impact.

Mobile Friendly:
In today's mobile-centric world, having a responsive website is non-negotiable. Our commitment to mobile responsiveness is backed by Ben's experience, dating back to the early days of web development. We ensure that every website we design adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes, delivering an outstanding user experience.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO):
Beyond aesthetics, we incorporate Ben's deep understanding of search engine optimization into our web design process. With his extensive knowledge gained over the years, we optimize each page for search engines, enhancing your website's visibility and positioning it for success in the digital landscape.

Search Engine Submissions:
Our dedication to your success is rooted in Ben's pioneering spirit. In 1996, he wrote the scripts that enabled the first-ever Doppler radar to provide live updates on the internet. With a track record of innovation and achievement, Ben and our team submit your website to major search engines, ensuring rapid indexing and increased online exposure.

Reliable Hosting:
Great web design deserves reliable hosting. With Ben's 28 years of experience, we offer secure and fast hosting solutions, ensuring your website remains accessible 24/7. You can trust us to handle the technical details, so you can focus on growing your business.

Behind Ben Mims IT Solutions stands Ben Mims, a seasoned professional with over 28 years of experience in the industry. His journey began in 1996, and since then, he has overseen thousands of web design and development projects. With an Associates Degree from The University of Texas (2022) in Digital Marketing, Ben's expertise informs every aspect of our web design strategies, ensuring your website excels in today's digital landscape.

Your journey to a remarkable online presence starts here, guided by decades of expertise. Discover the benefits of choosing Ben Mims IT Solutions for your web design needs – from beautiful modern designs and mobile-friendliness to SEO optimization, search engine submissions, and reliable hosting. Ready to transform your digital presence? Contact us for a free consultation and experience the power of decades of experience in web design and development.